DM Recycling, State Fair aims to decrease waste sent to landfill in 2015

 – By DM Recycling

Puyallup, Wash. (Sept. 17-27, 2015) – To increase recycling at this year's Washington State Fair, Sept.11-27, 2015, DM Recycling representatives are taking advantage of an innovative software program – Recycle360 – to divert 60 percent of the Fair’s waste away from the landfill.

While the Fair attracts more than one million people to its thriving environment each year, the local community relies on DM Recycling to haul away nearly 2,500 tons of waste throughout this major event. Over the years, DM Recycling waste diversion representatives have worked closely with the Fair management to steadily increase the amount of waste going to recycling centers and away from the landfill. By using Recycle360 this year, representatives can better track this year’s recycling goal, allowing the opportunity to easily pinpoint areas of improvement and offer unique solutions to challenges along the way.

“Recycle360 has been an essential tool in helping us prepare this year’s plan of action for disposing the Fair’s waste,” said Mark Gingrich, District Manager, DM Recycling. “Our goal might be set high, but with our representatives’ knowledge, our close relationship with the Fair management and the use of this program, we have full confidence we will be able to exceed our expectations.”

Additionally, the detail-oriented plan of action gives representatives the opportunity to conduct waste audits throughout the project’s duration to ensure success continues to be a reality. Typically, waste audits include a site visit from the lead representative to investigate proper container usage and convenient placement, attendee education and an increase in staff involvement; however, waste audits can be tailored to fit any type of project DM Recycling representatives are working on at the time.

DM Recycling has more than 20 years of experience working with local businesses to increase recycling efforts and divert waste away from the landfill. Throughout this time, DM Recycling has helped large projects, such as construction and demolition projects or the Washington State Fair, save money and the environment through close relationships and business-specific waste solutions.


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