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Business and Multi-family

Establishing a recycling program for your business, school or institution is the most important step you can make to reduce your impact on our precious local environment.

Whether you are looking to recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, or metal, DM Recycling can tailor a recycling solution to meet your needs.

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Photo of driver sitting in the cab of a DM Recycling truck.

"Nick and the team at Murrey’s DM Recycling have gone above and beyond the call of duty as a vendor to our growing cafe brand for the last 13 years. Any time there is a need, the customer service team is easily reached by phone they are friendly, courteous and willing to solve problems that arise. At ANTHEM we feel that this vendor relationship is a great partnership - and truthfully, we couldn’t do business without them!"

Mixed Recycling or Cardboard Only

DM Recycling offers a wide variety of business recycling services at your business, school or institution. Establishing a recycling program is the most important step you can make to reduce your waste. Whether you are looking to recycle cardboard, paper, plastic or metal, DM Recycling can tailor a recycling solution to meet your needs.

Multi-Family Recycling

Through tenant move-in consultations, waste audits, site investigations, and an expert staff, DM Recycling can customize a waste diversion plan to decrease your multi-family business's disposal costs.

Contact us today to find out how our account representatives can help your multi-family business.

Mixed Recycling

Image of a DM Recycling 94 gallon cart.

96 Gallon Cart

Image of a DM Mixed Recycling 2 yard container.

2-Yard Container

Image of a DM Recycling Mixed 6 yard container.

6-Yard Container

Mixed Recycling Cart

DM Recycling provides customers with a 96-gallon mixed recycling cart for your business’s recycling needs. Acceptable materials include office paper, newspaper, phone books, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal cans and more. These wheeled carts eliminate the need for sorting your recyclables, making it that much easier for your organization to participate in the recycling program. We believe recycling is a cooperative endeavor, and we at DM Recycling are committed to service that is responsive, fair, efficient, and effective. We continue to look for new ways to improve quality and cost effectiveness.

Mixed Recycling Container

For businesses with higher volumes of mixed recycling, DM Recycling provides our recycling customers containers for your recycling needs. These containers accept the same material as our recycle carts, but hold a larger quantity of recyclables that allow you to reduce your garbage service by greater amounts. Available in both a 2-cubic and 6-cubic yard style, our recycling containers are clean and attractive and provide an efficient and easy method for customers to participate in a recycling program tailored to best fit their needs.

Because not all items can go into the mixed recycling containers, if you are in doubt, throw it out. Contamination can put employees in danger and ruin the value of the other items and damage the machinery. This is especially true of plastic bags, glass, and Styrofoam.

A few tips to keep recycled materials free from contamination include:

  1. Recyclables should be clean, dry and empty
  2. Rinse containers with water and leave no food residue
  3. Remove plastic lids and caps and throw those items in the trash; labels may remain.
  4. Do not bag items.

Cardboard Recycling

Does your business generate large amounts of cardboard? The most cost-efficient solution to you may be a Cardboard Only container from DM Recycling.

Available in the container sizes below, the cardboard container accepts any non-food contaminated cardboard. There is no need to remove tape or staples.

Image of a DM Mixed Recycling 2 yard container.

2-Yard Container

Image of a DM Recycling Mixed 6 yard container.

6-Yard Container

Other Recyclable Materials

Large businesses or institutions may benefit from using a compactor or larger container size for large amounts of cardboard, mixed recycle and other recyclable material with value. Contact a DM Recycling account representative to help you determine what container and service best fits your commercial or multi-family business best.

Photo of a DM Recycling driver dropping of a large drop box.

Drop Box and Compactor Recycle Hauling

Large businesses and institutions may benefit by utilizing a recycling compactor to efficiently remove large amounts of cardboard, yard debris, concrete, or other recyclable material with value. Customers that compact their material will need less hauls per month, resulting in an overall savings on your hauling bill.

Image of a DM Recycling 20 Yard Drop Box.

20 Yard Drop Box

Image of a DM Recycling 30 Yard Drop Box.

30 Yard Drop Box

Image of a DM Recycling 50 Yard Drop Box.

40 Yard Drop Box

Business FAQ

Do you offer shredding services?

Our Waste Connections sister company offers shredding services to South Puget Sound customers. For mobile shredding to be done at your place of business, visit the website of LeMay Mobile Shredding or call 1-877-898-0112. They are licensed and bonded to shred as you watch.  Also visit Pierce County Shred Events.

What do I do with Electronic Waste?

Washington's FREE, convenient and environmentally responsible electronics recycling program has been operational since January 1, 2009. Products accepted at E-Cycle Washington drop-off sites are: computers, monitors, laptops, tablet computers, televisions, portable DVD players and e-readers. Please CLICK HERE for mone information.

For the items that are not allowed in the DM Recycling containers, what resources are available?

Visit this link for Pierce County recycling or this link for King County recycling.

Why are my glass items not accepted in my mixed recycling container and am I able to still recycle them in some way?

When containers are lifted from the ground for service, the items inside typically move around quite a bit while falling from the container into the truck. If glass is present in the container, this movement causes the glass to break and spread throughout the other recyclable materials, leading to the contamination of the clean items. To prevent contamination, glass is an unacceptable item in our mixed recycling containers. Glass can still be recycled, and DM Recycling encourages all businesses and multi-family establishments to take their glass products to one of the several glass drop-off sites throughout Pierce County for proper disposal.

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